Milburn Country Club: Rises from the Ashes

Door & Hardware Magazine
July 2013 – Feature Case Study

Project: Milburn Country Club
Contractor: A.L. Huber

Founded in 1917, Milburn Country Club in Overland Park, Kansas is a private club whose 18-hole golf course is used by locals to qualify for the U.S. Open. In November 2010, the facility was completely destroyed by a fire. After a year of plan development, the board of governors and members created an initial plan which presented a challenge to local builders and suppliers: provide a sustainable, unique, multi-purpose 33,000-square-foot facility that offers its 400+ members a welcoming and comfortable place to gather, as well as a Pro Shop, state-of-the-art fitness facility, multiple dining options, executive-style lockers rooms, and extensive meeting and banquet facilities.

Project Details


  • Condensed timelines and material availability drove the decision to use welded 14-gauge galvanized frames by Curries for the close-in of the facility in order to provide additional strength to the exterior openings.

Interior: Form and Function

  • Bottom floor – operational hub of the facility – Curries hollow metal doors and frames were selected for durability.
  • Entry Way – two main pairs of VT Industries 3’0″ x 7’10” stile and rail, four-panel, plain-sliced walnut. A-grade wood doors on aluminum frames.
  • Inner Vestibule – pair of full lite stile and rail wood doors on flat jamb VT Industries wood jambs.
  • Casing & Molding – exclusively made for this project by a local custom millwork company in Kansas City, Kansas.
  • Field Finished – all wood doors, frames, millwork, cabinetry and lockers were field finished. Finished walnut products appear homogenous, despite having come from suppliers in located in different climates with varying humidity levels.
  • Transformative Main Room – to accommodate a seamless transformation of one-large open concept room to smaller private spaces, four pairs of 3’0″ x 7’10” four-panel, stile and rail, plain-sliced walnut doors on wood frames were used with Sargent friction hold-open plated closers, Rockwood push plates, pulls and Sargent overhead stops.
  • Lasting Hardware – locks, panics, closers, push plates and pulls are all plated US10BL by Sargent. Additional lacquer coat on top of standard 10B (oil-rubbed bronze) applied. Will not fade over time from use, nor will the oil transfer to people’s hand.
  • Premier Locker Rooms & Restrooms – entry spaces have pairs of full-louvered stile and rail wood doors. Women’s sitting area has saloon-style stile and rail louvered doors. Restroom stalls and shower doors are 7’0″ hollow metal frames with 5’0″-tall stile and rail louvered wood doors.